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Every month, for the past 10 years, the Foster Care Network has referred qualified foster parents to our program. Their call center insures that applicants are screened and scheduled for our orientation meetings. The applicants referred are motivated to become quality foster parents. We find the percentage of families attending our first meeting is extraordinarily high due to our collaboration…the cost is less than one home finder.

- Danielle M. Gaffney-Kryger, LMSW
Assistant Vice President for Community Based Foster Care
The Children’s Village

The Foster Care Network takes primary responsibility for our home finding and recruitment activities. They combine traditional home finding techniques with digital marketing to get the numbers and quality of foster parents we need. Their call center provides 24/7 opportunities for prospective families to call and get the process started. What an amazing organization!

- Anne Caldwell, LCSW
Deputy Commissioner
Orange County DSS


Want to learn how the Foster Care Network
can partner with you to help you find
loving homes right in your community?

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David Schild at 877-725-6774.


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